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> Liam, he's looking for SMD, which need a Bus and Radial.  One Bus can
> daisy chain from drive to drive, and us usually 60 pin.  The radial RF
> cables are usually 26 pin ribbon.  A separate cable from the controller
> to each drive is required to hook up the system.

This term seems impossible to Google, since it normally refers to
Surface Mount Devices now, but by going via the Wikipedia article on
SCSI connectors, I think you both mean:

Is that correct?

> You're thinking about the 50 pin D-sub that went to the older deskside
> bricks for workstations.

I have quite a wide variety of SCSI cables, including 25-pin, 50-pin,
68-pin and more, and covering most of the connectors, both to and
from. What I don't have any more are hardly any SCSI-equipped
computers, so I guess that the cables can go.

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