Opening a MicroVAX 2000

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at
Wed Feb 12 04:42:44 CST 2020

On 11/02/2020 07:13, Josh Dersch wrote:
> There are four screws on the bottom, two on each side that hold the 
> top cover on.  Once removed the cover should theoretically slide off 
> (looking at the front of the unit, pull it toward you), but is often 
> very tight and will need a bit of coaxing to separate it from the rear 
> panel.
> - Josh

Thanks. Actually while waiting for this post to appear, I found some 
"after" pictures on the web which made it clear which direction things 
had to go, so the cover is off.

I've now undone three more screws and disconnected enough that the "top" 
section is now completely free. So the bottom now contains the PSU, the 
RD54 and the back panel.

One more screw and a few further connectors later and I can slide the 
memory board (?) sideways enough to unclip the battery.

It has started to leak but it seems to only have affected the nearby 
metalwork: a bit of cleaning with vinegar should clear that up. I have 
to check more carefully, but so far it looks like I've been quite lucky.

So, once I've cleaned it up, I need to test it the PSU before I hook it 
up to the rest of the system. Any ideas on that front?

Thanks again,


Antonio Carlini
antonio at

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