Old IBM magnetic media

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Sat Feb 1 10:23:03 CST 2020

Just received my latest eBay purchase. 5 3850 MSS cartridges.

3 of them had no tape inside. Just wondering why. Data destruction?
Inquisitive previous owner?

1 of them has an opaque yellow shell instead of the smoked clear plastic.
Possible CE cart? Has magic marker printing on it BAD MSS TAG

I thought it took 2 of these carts to restore a 3330 disk. One of these
carts has a label on it with 'Data Management Conference October 19-21, 1982
San Jose, California. Me thinks the cart was given out as a souvenir.

I was also wondering what old mainframe magnetic media cost back in the day.
2311, 2314, 3330 packs. 2314 Data Cell and a 3850 MSS cartridge. And a 7340
tape cassette.
I was on a business call to Yellow Cab in Chicago in the early 70's. We
entered through the garage and there was a pile of 2311 packs there. They
had just installed a 2314 system and the 2311 packs were being thrown out. I
asked if I could have an old pack. I chose a yellow 3M pack. Still have it.

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