Process accounting - did anyone ever use it?

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Fri May 31 21:43:26 CDT 2019

> I believe I've heard about a couple instances where PA was used for 
> health checks, load distribution, etc for "web-scale" applications on 
> thousands of servers running Linux. ISTR in one case it was only enabled 
> when needed for tracking down an issue? But this is hearsay, I'm not 
> involved in any of the above projects/apps.
> But no, not for chargeback so far as I know. I only saw that sort of use 
> in academia similar to what others have mentioned - departmental 
> budgeting, grant accounting, etc.

As a starving undergrad at UC San Diego in the mid 1990s, I remember charge
costs being displayed to us hoi polloi users, and we got a certain amount
of connect and compute time budgeted each week. If you exceeded that, you
got to read a book.

This was probably to discourage MUDders more than anything else, I suspect.

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