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ah yes  I  remember selling  a  few of  these  when our  customer wanted nice multi part  forms  printing  .. usually  tried  to   ask  them to  convert  to laser  and have  laser print  form  fill in  added  info  and print X amount  of copies needed  if  the  freight  was  not  such a  problem  would  be interest   for museums  collection  at   SMECC    Ed#

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> > > Did my post for the HP printer get posted? I haven't seen it.
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> > > Mark
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> > Some mail systems will not send you an email that appears to be from
> > yourself (I think gmail is one of these) so it can appear that your
> > post has not appeared.
> >
> > You can also check the archive (e.g.
> > ) to
> > find an email - if it's in there then it was posted.
> >
> My Gmail account seems to like to silently delete/not deliver mails from this
> list and others I'm subscribed to. They don't end up in the spam folder,
> either. Over the past few months there have been several times I've noticed
> replies on this list that quoted messages that I never received the originals
> of; and likewise messages that show up on the archive that don't show up in
> email.
> As someone on another mailing list recently responded when I brought this
> up there said:
> "It's a habit of gmail to hold back mail it thinks might be suspect, and deliver it
> to a small number of recipients, then wait to see if they mark it spam, before
> delivering to more and more recipients. This can delay messages for several
> days."
> ^ I'm not sure if the above is what happens to me; I do sometimes see things
> arriving out of order, but I'm pretty confident there are certain messages
> that just never show up. But then again my folders are so full of unread (or
> partially unread) threads that I could just miss it once I forget about the topic
> and new replies aren't being posted to it anymore to bump it to the top.

That does not appear to happen to me. What I do see is discrepancies between cctech and cctalk.
I assume this is because the processes to make sure content is passed to the correct lists is manual.
I also believe that there is some manual moderation....

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