11/93 rebuild - Major and Significant Result.

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Wed May 29 07:18:30 CDT 2019

Rod Smallwood via cctalk wrote:

> Hi
>       Due to the help from Glen Slick. (The only guy to answer the 
> question as asked.)
>       What to do is interesting. How to do it will get you there.
> I now have a SCSI drive on the 11/93 that thinks its an RD54 and is 
> trying to boot RSTS/E.
> It fails gracefully during the boot  giving an error message.

..."an error message"??

Similar to q: "what's on the display?"  a: "a flower vase.."
( yes I know, this fits better in german)

What error message?


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