11/93 rebuild

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Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:

>     > From: Holm Tiffe
>     > You have to have an already existing parition structure on the disk and
>     > an OS that knows what todo with that.
> The "--list" command to 'dd' gives a whole bunch of stuff:


$ dd --list
dd: unknown operand --list

>   Win32 Available Volume Information
>   \\.\Volume{cd4ae459-0daa-11e2-9625-806d6172696f}\
>     link to \\?\Device\HarddiskVolume1
>     fixed media
>     Mounted on \\.\d:
>   \\.\Volume{f3c65dd6-01af-11e1-a511-806d6172696f}\
> some of which appear to be entire disks, not partitions.

Nobody in a PDP11 is interested what Windows thinks about partitions.

Most of the PDP11 SCSI Controllers could build two or more PDP11 disks
out of one physical device. That is what I meant with partition in this
case, if you dind'nt like it,  call it slice.
There is some logical information on the device, you simply don't get
the entire raw device on the pdp as you possibly think.

Shure, you can write to the entire disk on an PC with some tools, but
what you write has to fit the CQD220 adapters idea how the data structure
has to be if you would boot that.

Tapes have no such restrictions, that's why I suggested using a tape.



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