11/93 rebuild

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Mon May 27 11:14:40 CDT 2019

Rod Smallwood via cctalk wrote:

> Hi
>      Whilst I wait to hear from Glen Slick who has got me this far 
> (Thanks Glen) I'll restate the problem.
> 1. I now have an old XP system with SIMH on it (PDP11.exe)
> 2.  I have created RD54.dsk containing RSTS/E
> 3. Attached to the system is a 2.1Gb SCSI drive via an adaptec 2940 
> controller
> 4. I need a tried and tested list of step by step instructions to put 
> RD54.dsk on the SCSI drive.
> 5. The drive will then be moved to a CQD-220A/TM SCSI controller on my 
> KDJ11-E based 11/93 and must boot.
> 6. Its just an image copy from one drive to another on the same system.
> 7. Nobody has come up with a tried and tested list of step by step 
> instructions yet.
> Rod Smallwood

I don't think that you have any chance to get that to work, since the
data structures on the floppy disk will be different to that needed
structure on the scsi disk. As far as I know the controllers put some
kind of partitioning information to the disks too...

I've installed different PDP11 Os'es from simh to the real
pdp11/(53,73,83) using simh's tape interface writing boot tapes.
I've converted the simh's tape file with my own utility to an qarter
inch tape connected to an Tandberg SLR5 to my FreeBSD box. as far as I
know in the meantime there exists an utility similar to mine that could
write out tapes from a tape file.

I've connected another SLR5 drive to the PDP11 box with an Emulex UC08,
Im sure that will work on the CQD220 too.
An Tandberg SLR5 and Tapes should be easy to et on ebay.

I've installed RT11, RSX11, XXDP and 2.11BSD this way.


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