HP/UX 8 and hosts vs DNS

Jerry Weiss jsw at ieee.org
Mon May 27 01:09:19 CDT 2019

On 5/27/19 12:31 AM, Cameron Kaiser via cctalk wrote:
>>> I'm not as adept at HP/UX before 10.20 (my first experience with the OS),
>>> but I understand 8.0 "fails over" to /etc/hosts if it has some issues with
>>> DNS. Fine, but how can I get it to switch *back*? There's no
>>> /etc/nsswitch.conf and I don't think this version supports it anyway.
>>  From https://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/networking_2ndEd/dns/ch06_04.htm
>> Before HP-UX 10.10, you could only use nsswitch.conf to configure the
>> order of resolution for the hosts source. From 10.10 on, you can also
>> use nsswitch.conf to configure resolution order for the services,
>> networks, protocols, rpc, and netgroup sources. hosts: dns
>> [NOTFOUND=return] nis [NOTFOUND=return] files"
> Appreciated, but from the same resource,
> 	"HP-UX 10.00 introduced Solaris's nsswitch.conf functionality"
> so this won't apply to HP/UX 8.
It was available for in 9.x, but not at first first release.  It was 
introduced through patches.
I don't know if 8.x received the same/similar patches.

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