M7264 Troubleshooting

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu May 23 07:14:25 CDT 2019

    > From: Jon Elson

    > Yes, this is most likely a bus timeout

The good news is that it looks like his CPU is 'mostly' working; and if
the NXM is due to a fault on the CPU (e.g. bad bus transceiver sending
the wrong address), that would be fixable (it uses 8641's).

If the fault is in the DLV11-E (and not just misconfiguration), depending on
where the fault is, he might be out of luck with that card; it uses DC005's
for transceivers, which of course are unobtainium now. Still, QBUS serial
interfaces are not rare.

And overall, progress is being made! :-)


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