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> >> Plumbing (unless you're doing aisle containment or RDHx) shouldn't run
> >> through the IT space in the data center.
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> > So how exactly do you attach a modern water cooled rack system to your
> > cooling water system if not using plumbing?
> So how are data centers cooled with water now?  Does the water cool
> coldplates directly?

That's an option.  I support 20-30kW/rack systems with using Coolcentric
(passive) rear door heat exchangers, which have a dewpoint-adjusted cooling
loop.  The air is generally managed using CRAC units / building air

> I recall visiting the Honeywell plant in Phoenix not long after they
> took it over from GE and the engineers there were tinkering with a
> direct water-cooling setup--water circulated in each rack (connected by
> what was probably vinyl tubing, I don't recall, only that it was
> translucent), with copper diaphragms serving as the interface between
> the water and the semiconductors.  I recall from comments made that
> algae was a problem and adding an algicide to the cooling water tended
> to corrode the copper diaphragms.

New versions of that are made by companies such as Cool-IT, or HPE's SGI
systems.  The materials used have progressed quite a bit, mostly
eliminating the algae and corrosion problems, and people have mostly
settled on ~25-40C (77-104F) water for cooling, to avoid condensing


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