Raised Floors

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Wed May 22 05:57:29 CDT 2019

ons 2019-05-22 klockan 08:45 +0000 skrev Wayne S via cctalk:
> All true. Just sayin' that water can get into the DC even when it's
> not intended. 
> When fighting a fire in another part of a structure, the water may
> find it's way into the DC.  
> Not sure about not allowing water to get near a dc, can you explain
> that statement?
> The 2 Liebert a/c units that cooled the DC were located inside the
> room and were water cooled so there was water around. I also remember
> the old IBM 3032 computers at my first site needed chilled water to
> operate so there was a lot of piped water going into the room. 
> The FD did regular inspections and it didn't seem to bother them in
> either case.
> Funny, but Halon is outlawed and having it around did seem to bother
> them. It was replaced with some other gas system that i can't
> remember the name.

It is a gas bottle with gas under pressure - they dont like getting hot
they become explosive in that case.

halon is also very much oxygen depriving ie asphyxiating.

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