Raised Floors

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Wed May 22 03:33:33 CDT 2019

ons 2019-05-22 klockan 01:42 -0600 skrev Jim Manley via cctalk:
> No firefighter in their right mind is going to knowingly pump a drop
> of
> water anywhere near or in the direction of a data center, let alone
> into
> it.  That's why they're equipped with Halon or other oxygen
> displacement,
> cooling, and flame suppression systems, and the FDs are equipped with
> appropriate Class 2 (Electrical) firefighting equipment.  FDs conduct
> periodic inspections of all on-site fire-fighting equipment and the
> local
> station shifts do walk-throughs to review their procedures.  If any
> hazardous materials are present (guaranteed in a DC), they're also
> taken
> into account.

Halon should be completely and fully illegal in civilian installations.
No excuses. Deionized water is just as effective.
(Halon is still permitted in EU in some military applications and
aircraft but the clock is ticking on the usage of halon in civil

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