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> > I'm sure that was /a/ problem.  But I'm not comfortable attributing
> > that problem to the raised floor.
> >
> > I expect that the same problem would be effected by an elevator that
> > doesn't stop perfectly level with the floor, or has too wide a gap
> > between the car and the floor, or even on tiled floor.
> >
> > That really seems to me like it's a sub-optimal design, pushed past
> > it's operating parameters by overloading it.
> >
> > I can't fault the raised floor for that problem.
> No, but it's just one of the anecdotes that go with the terrain, like leaving a
> box or two of cards or a stack of tapes or your dinner on top of a 1403N1
> when it ran out of forms..
> How well sealed were the raised floors?  I ask this because i recall an episode
> or two where a disk drive would spring a leak and make a beautiful slippery
> pool on the floor, just waiting for the next operator to dash by. I always
> wondered how much of the stuff made it to the subfloor.

I think the joints were often tight. Otherwise you got drafts or a breeze. 
Speaking of breezes, we found our plotter ( kept over-heating.) 
Some one kept closing the floor vent.
We eventually found it was the plotter operator who was a young lady with a short skirt.
When loading the mag tape with the plots she had to stand over the vent which blew out cold air,
So she closed the vent.....
... it took some tact to get this info, and we then moved the tile with the vent and the plotter stayed cool...
At another place we had a disk drive drop through a tile. We had had the joiners make some temporary tiles while we were having an upgrade.
The ran out of plywood and joined two scraps, but not very well. The rocking of the drive broke the joint and the drive fell through.
We were surprised it kept working without a head crash....

> --Chuck


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