Pleas ID this IBM system....

Christian Corti cc at
Tue May 21 03:04:15 CDT 2019

First, congratulations from us :-)

Reading your blog, I'm glad that we did not win the auction. We simply do 
not have the time and space (and money) to handle this, especially the 
effort needed to get everything out of the house. I and Klemens both have 
jobs that require us to do other things besides the museum ;-)

On Mon, 20 May 2019, Lawrence Wilkinson wrote:
> There was one 360/20 (pink) that was cabled up with 2 x 2311 disk, 2 x 2415 
> tape, 2560 MFCM and (I think) the 1403 printer. That system appears to have 
> been in use at that site. The second 360/20 (blue) was not cabled to 
> anything, and the 370/125 (yellow) likewise. So I expect neither of those was 
> used at all.

Am I right that the 370/125 is missing something? At least there is 
one yellow unit that is lacking the top half (or whatever).

> These need to be read - I know there are services that will process scans, 
> but is there anywhere (UK/Europe) that can take the physical cards and give 
> us back files?

Yes, we can (located in Stuttgart, not too far from Nuremburg). We've done 
that with all cards that we got. Our setup uses the 1442 card reader on 
the 1130 and a program that reads the cards and sends them via V.24 (with 
a home-made tape punch interface to V.24 converter) to be captured by a 
UNIX machine.

> The guys did a wonderful job, especially on that last day when they managed 
> to move most of the units and clear everything out. As mentioned, the /20 
> CPUs and 2415 master unit were 500-600kg each and about the limit of the 
> tail-lift.

I'm curious, did everything fit in a normal 7.5t truck or how do you move 
all the stuff to the UK?


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