apollo psa test point adaptor

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I do not think this is correct. The IRIG almost certainly refers to the Apollo Inertial Reference Integrating Gyro, which you can see in this video along with one of the PSA trays Adrian’s contraption is supposed to be testing:


BTW I got my Apollo IRIG at the same auction that Adrian got the Apollo PSA tester from. 



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On 05/18/2019 10:08 PM, Adrian Stoness via cctalk wrote:

anyone know where i could find manual or drawings on this im up in northern

manitoba canada picked it up at a rr auction to experiment with as a audio

interface not sure if the jacks on the side are the weird pins nasa had or

another standard i can find?




There's a switch labeled "IRIG" which stands for Inter Range 

Instrumentation Group, and refers to a standard for 

telemetry encoding.  There is a standard for time code, a 

standard for modulating analog signas onto a bunch of FM 

carriers, and a standard for multiplexing several analog 

signals onto one FM carrier.


Apollo documents are probably VERY hard to come by these days.




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