Pleas ID this IBM system....

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> > I cannot imagine (how) difficult it would be to run S/360 era cables
> > in overhead trays. Many are an inch or more in diameter.
> I think it would be quite annoying to get cables from floor level up to the
> overhead cable trays.  Especially from all the equipment designed for /
> assuming that cables went down below a raised floor.
> Not the least of which would be burning (I'm guessing at least) 6' of cable on
> each end.

IBM kit is designed to fit on raised floors. There isn't much clearance between the bottom of the cabinets and the floor.
As someone has said the IBM bus and tag cables are thick and actual consist of multiple co-ax cables in big bundle .
I have run a 4361 without raised floors, but we just ran the cables round the floor.
To run in them in roof level cable trays would be challenging. You would have to run them across the floor for some distance before 
Curving them up would be challenging as the minimum bend radius is large.  


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