Pleas ID this IBM system....

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Mon May 20 10:38:48 CDT 2019

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> They should have tried to get the raised floor too (I guess it wasn't
> included in the sale), since i) it'll be useful if they try and get the
> machine up and running, and ii) it'll probably just get scrapped. Although
> there may already be raised floor where they're planning to put it.

I guess it would look right for the era, but I'd never build a data center
with raised flooring after my experiences with them.  It's such a pain to
work with compared to a sealed concrete floor and overhead cable trays.

That said, I'd bet you can pick up raised flooring cheaply locally if you
find someone who works on commercial buildings. For that era, it's either
going to be wood or concrete core, and will cost more to get rid of than it
has in scrap value (between the dumpster rental and the injured backs
moving it).


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