Tape seals?

Guy Dunphy guykd at optusnet.com.au
Sun May 19 20:37:17 CDT 2019

At 09:36 AM 18/05/2019 -0700, Chuck wrote:
>There may be better solutions, but I haven't come up with one yet.  It's
>a bit funny; I can remember when the tape seal adoption was causing
>dumpster-loads of hard plastic tape cases to be scrapped.  The cases
>that remain tend to be intact, even after 50 years.

Just a thought - I buy small ziplock bags of various sizes in bulk from Aliexpress. Very cheap.
I use them around the workshop, electronics, and for filing B5-sized documents in storage cubes.

It seems likely there would be ziplock bags that fit tape reels. With a choice of light or
heavy duty film thickness.

 * Keep dust, moisture and pests away from the tape.
 * Cheap and always available.
 * Takes up no significant extra space.
 * Allows inclusion of things like information sheets, keeping them associated with specific tapes.
 * Can put big labels on the bags.

 * Not as neat as ring seals.
 * Doesn't allow hanging.
 * Bags provide no support for the reel edges though, so you'd have to be careful with stacking.


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