11/93 Rebuild

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Sat May 18 14:10:46 CDT 2019

Hi Guys

        Well the RD53 in my 11/93 finally clapped out.

        The CPU is a late model KDJ11-E with everything on the one board.

        So its a switch from MFM to SCSI Drives.

        A CQD220A will drive the hard disk and the RQDX3 will stay to 
look after the RX50

        I've  put the Hard Drive on the primary CSR address (17772150) 
and I will shift the RQDX3 to an alternate CSR

        Comments as to if this is the right way round and what CSR's to 
use for the two controllers invited.



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