Kaur Collection Inventory

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat May 18 02:45:11 CDT 2019

    > From: Ed Cross

    > I saw a mystery PDP-11 in the garage that I believe to be an 11/70. 

Yeah, I think so; someone has transplanted a few red/purple toggles into it
(perhaps some of the original blues got broken), but it's a /70 front panel,
which won't (without major kludging/surgery) work on any other model.

Without pictures of the insides of the main pull-out bay, and any others
(there should be at least one, for the main memory) it's impossible to
say how complete a system it is; -11/70 CPU boards are easy to find, though.

    > please help identify what I took pictures of. 

A couple of things I hoticed quickly: 2349 shows a PR05 high-speed paper tape
reader (like the PC05, but reader-only), and 2325 a CR11 card reader (a
Documation unit re-badged by DEC).

My impression from looking at it all is that it's a huge pile of stuff, and
some is probably just junk that should go to the scrappers.

Their process, with the lawyer, is probably too top-heavy for a lot of the
smaller items (e.g. 2387 shows a partial PDP-11 front panel which might be of
some interest - e.g. I'd buy it if it showed up on eBait). Perhaps some
one/group who is local can take everything that's left, after the main items
(e.g. the VAX 750 - those are rare, I'm sure someone will scoop that up) are
picked out, as a cheap lot, and sort out the good bits and put them up on
eBait, and scrap the crap.

    > I hope this is useful to folks.

Yes, very; thanks very much for putting in the effort.


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