DG One owners? I think I have something.

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Wed May 15 17:30:23 CDT 2019

It was thus said that the Great Chuck Guzis via cctalk once stated:
> A kindly donor sent me an external numeric keypad from Data General.  It
> has the right keycaps and color for a DG One laptop.   Model number
> 2568.   Connection is via a 3-terminal plug; basically a miniature
> stereo headphone plug.
> I'll give this up to a One collector who can identify this for certain.
> Otherwise, I'll probably repurpose it.   FWIW, it appears to be
> unsued--not even the rubber feet have dirt or wear.

  Ooh!  I'll have to check my DG One to see if there's a port on the laptop
for it.  I have the  laptop, printer and external floppy, this would be a
nice addition to it.


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