Network cards and Win98SE

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Mon May 13 17:47:11 CDT 2019

On 5/13/19 3:58 PM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> I don't want to get into a long discussion; I merely wanted to point 
> out that you're unlikely to find the term "gaming adapter" in Linux 
> tech docs as they're not written for that audience. And it's very 
> likely that something with the Debian kernel will be used on an OPZ.

You /might/ not find the term in a Linux tech doc.  But I'd be somewhat 
surprised if you didn't.

The first eight hits on a google search for "gaming adapter" are 
directly relevant.

Spend a few minutes looking at any of them and it should become clear 
that any Ethernet connected computer / device / game console / printer / 
etc. can be put onto wireless.  Knowing that, it should be possible to 
realize that any standard wired Ethernet card that Linux supports will work.

1)  Connect the computer to the gaming adapter with a 1 ~ 3 foot 
Ethernet cable.
2)  Open a web browser to the gaming adapter's configuration interface.
3)  Configure the gaming adapter for the wireless network.
4)  (Maybe) reboot or obtain a new IP.
5)  Use the wired computer on the wireless network via the gaming adapter.

ProTip:  Plug the gaming adapter into a switch if you want multiple 
wired computers to be able to use the wireless.

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