KCC on TOPS-20 linking question

Adam Thornton athornton at gmail.com
Mon May 13 15:48:30 CDT 2019

So, I've been porting Frotz to TOPS-20.

It's been going fine, except that I have something going on with the linker
I don't have enough expertise to understand.

On Mark Crispin's panda distribution, "cc -o frotz *.c" does the trick.
But on TOPS-20 on the LCML's TOAD-2, I get a bunch of undefined global
symbols, which all seem to be from libc.

That suggests to me that KCC at LCML isn't configured to automatically
trigger the linker with the right library path (something like
unix:<root.usr.lib>) for the C standard libraries.

So the first question is: where's the KCC configuration stored, so we can
add the right library path, and the second one is, failing that, how do I
link all my .rel files against the C library to get a working executable
(an answer simplified from "read the linker manual" would be appreciated;
I've started that but it's a little daunting and I suspect it will take me
a while to chew through)?


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