Network cards and Win98SE

Cindy Croxton sales at
Sun May 12 17:45:22 CDT 2019

On 5/12/19 5:41 PM, Charles via cctalk wrote:
> I have tried for two days to get wireless networking running on my old 
> PC under Win 98SE, so I can use PUTR without a separate partition or 
> boot. XP is on an 8.4 GB drive. 98SE is on an older 540 MB drive.
> There are two network cards (a Netgear WPN311 with Atheros chipset, 
> and an Encore ENWLI-G2 with Realtek 8185 chip) and neither will work 
> with Win98SE.
> I have tried the manufacturer's drivers, Atheros drivers, Realtek 
> drivers... none of it works. The Realtek driver installs but gives a 
> fault in RUNDLL32.
> Netgear's website claims that the WPN311 can run under 98SE and 
> later.  Some sources for that driver package say it starts with XP. 
> Although I would tend to believe the manufacturer...
> The same Netgear card in the same motherboard was working correctly 
> with the XP drive.
> I even did a fresh install of 98SE. Then installed the WPN311 
> software, then the card. Windows says the card is installed and 
> working properly.
> But the Netgear utility won't run (hangs, Task Manager showing 
> wlancfg5 not responding). That's usually because it can't see the card.
> Searching the net including various forums from years ago hasn't helped.
> So I'm about to give up. Wasted enough hours on this. Back to XP with 
> a DOS partition for running PUTR.
> Unless someone has a better idea :)
> thanks
> Charles
> I will look and see if I still have any Win98 wireless cards. They 
> were not common.



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