Possible PUTR bug?

Charles charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net
Sat May 11 09:35:52 CDT 2019

Just an update... I spent an entire long afternoon wrestling with that old 
PC, trying to find some combination of HDD jumpers and BIOS settings that 
would allow the XP hard drive to boot with another drive attached (either on 
the slave connector or the secondary channel with the CD-ROM removed). No 

So I had the bright idea to use Minitool's Partition Wizard, and shrink my 
Windows partition so there'd be room for a  newDOS partition.
But it won't even run (probably because I have only 64 MB RAM on that box). 
Grrr. It's unbelievably slow anyhow, so more SDRAM on order, which is really 
cheap these days.
I'd get a newer PC for the workbench, but need to keep the old motherboard 
because there are a couple of devices (including a PB-10 PROM programmer) 
which are ISA slots.

So, this has become a Windows/PC (ugh) project instead of just being able to 
play with my PDP-11...

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