HP 1000 A900 ("Magic") Questions

Paul Birkel pbirkel at gmail.com
Fri May 10 06:14:23 CDT 2019



I'm interested in acquiring an HP1000 A900, in any form-factor.


Basic need would be a chassis/backplane/PS and minimal set of
CPU/memory/HPIB-controller/terminal-IO PCA, however I'd be interested in
simply acquiring a PCA-set and I'll work the chassis/backplane/PS
separately.  Even single PCAs would give me a helpful push forwards.


And I need to stick to my hobby (beer") budget.


I'm located in Maryland, USA, and pretty sure that the cost of overseas
shipping would be ghastly for a chassis.  But maybe not as bad for the tower
configuration as for the rack-mount.


If I understand correctly, the CPU consists of:


12201A A900 Sequencer Card

12202A A900 Data Path Card

12203A A900 Cache Controller

12204A A900 Memory Controller

12220A 768KB RAM  (Or I presume 12103D 1MB, 12221A 3 MB, or 12221B 8 MB.)


I imagine that I'll need to synthesize my own OTT "frontplane" for the


12009A HP-IB Controller 
12040D Asynchronous Multiplexer interface board


Thank you for your insights, and opportunities (I hope),



(offlist at pbirkel at gmail.com)


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