MPE release history (was: Re: VMS versions)

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The HP Computer Museum website now has a link to the version history file referenced below.

Happy to update it if there is more info or corrections. 

David Collins

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>> Likewise, there used to be an article about MPE release history.  Links I know for it are:
>> <
>> > (20 Aug 2014) 
>> <
>> 5> (28 Apr 2016)
>> Naturally it’s been wiped, and *doesn’t* have a copy, even though they have other pages under that t5/General directory in both cases.
> I saved a copy in 2012. There are files attached to some of the posts in that forum thread which collate the results and, amazingly, are still accessible: 
> tml 
> tm
> Grab them while you still can.

Thanks.  Grabbed.  Those have most of the information I was missing being able to find easily online: dates and version IDs for classic-3000 MPE releases.  I wish I could still get the discussion text that led up to them because they don’t entirely fit with my memory.

The mid-1980s were kinda busy with MPE IV Q-MIT and its delta releases, which culminated in MPE V/R for the Series II/III and 30/33 (I ran it on a Series III), and MPE V/P which didn’t last very long, and then MPE V/E which had a future.  Sometimes I have trouble remembering what happened when.  I don’t remember more than one MPE V/R release (E.01.00) and it happened some time after MPE IV Q-Delta-2.

-Frank McConnell

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