IBM 4506 Digital TV display unit (System 360 peripheral)

steven at steven at
Tue May 7 23:20:58 CDT 2019

I was going through some items of my fathers-in-law and found a photocopy of a 1972 conference paper that
mentions the IBM 4506 Digital TV display unit being used by reporters and editors at the New York Times.
These and other terminals (2741 I/O selectric, 2265 VDU) were connected to a 360/40. Apparently they could
take a TV camera input as well as output from the Mod 40, and had a keyboard.

I found the article pdf online, it was 'System quality through structured programming' by FT Baker, 1972 at

My google-fu hasn't found any picture of the IBM 4506 or even a reference outside this article, and I'm mildly
curious as to what they looked like. Anyone?


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