Service for converting CD-ROMs into ISO files?

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Sat May 4 17:35:57 CDT 2019

On 04/05/2019 21:36, Dave Wade via cctalk wrote:
> Paul,
> VAX CD-ROMS generally are not ISO. ISO implies the ISO9660 file system, but many VAX CD ROMS are in native VMS Files-11 format.
> Some Windows utilities don't handle these so you need third party software to create an image of these CD's.
> Generally it has a .iso extension but as the content is not ISO9660 you can't mount it on Windows or Linux.
> There a couple of utilities that will convert arbitrary files to image files.
> I tend to use CD Burner XP
> but you need to click "More download options" and use the "without install core" versions....
> Dave

VMS CDs are indeed in ODS-2 format. Windows certainly won't mount them 
but many of the imaging utilities I used to

use under windows would happily produce a valid image that could then be 
burnt to CD-R and used in a VAX (so I'm

fairly sure they did a proper, correct image copy). Nero and CDburnerXP 
come to mind.

FWIW it is possible to produce a CD that can be mounted as ISO9660 on 
(say) Windows but also presents the same data

as an ODS-2 filesystem on VAX (or Alpha). I even built one or two such 
images back in the day.


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