RS2030 MIPS workstation

Pete Turnbull pete at
Fri May 3 17:22:35 CDT 2019

Anyone know much about early MIPS workstations?  I'm trying to get a 
MIPS RS2030 to boot, without much luck so far.  It goes through the 
selftest but stops with the internal LED display at "5" accompanied by a 
continuous beep.

Known problems:

- The Dallas DS1287 battery is flat; I can hack a 3V lithium onto that. 
I assume it should still work to some extent even if the contents are lost?

- The RAM is highly suspect.  I think it needs a minimum of 8MB to start 
up.  It has a good complement of SIPPs, but some of them are definitely 
non-original and are actually 30-pin SIMMs that somebody has done a 
rubbish job of soldering short stiff wires onto.

So I'd like to know what the RAM spec really is, whether I need to 
reprogram the Dallas chip (and if so what goes where), and what the 
diagnostic numbers on the internal LED mean.  Anyone?

Pete Turnbull

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