Procedure to convert a vax into a stand alone workstation in a LAN

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Thu May 2 19:14:20 CDT 2019

What version of VMS?  Check the startup file ( or and see what's going on with the system before you
change anything IYAM.

Using the editor you can comment out networking lines if you want to
disable the DECNET commands.  See if Multinet is installed, that's an easy
way to create a stand-alone VAX that can connect to the internet.

I can turn on my VAXstation 3100 if you want to check it out, I have it set
as but I don't leave it running if not in

Also, make a backup to the backup drive so  you can restore to what it was


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> > Hello;
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> > In my quest to try to see what the problem is with my vs/60, I want to
> convert it into a networked stand-alone machine, i.e. not use clustering at
> all.  What is the easiest way to do this? I still want it to do DECnet and
> >
> > Carlos.
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> The easiest way is to turn clustering off, so if the machine’s running
> press the HALT button then from the Dead Sergeant prompt (>>>) do this:
> >>> B/1 (or B/R5:1)
> This will boot as a single node and let you log in assuming your
> SYSUAF.DAT isn’t on a clustered drive. If it is add this command after SET
> This bypasses the main system authorisation file and lets you log in as
> SYSTEM with no password. Usually. The caveat emptor here is if the previous
> owners also used a SYSUAF_ALT file in which case it gets a little more
> complex.
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