Looking for DEC M8017-AA jumper settings

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu May 2 11:02:27 CDT 2019

    > From: Mister PDP

    > reading through the "DLV11-E and DLV11-F asynchronous line interface
    > user's manual", the diagrams of the DLV11-E and F do not line up my
    > module.

Oh, must be a later board rev, one that's not covered in EK-DLV11-OP-001.
(I should have compared your pic with the manual illustration, sorry.)


Yes, there is a D rev etch; see page 22-3 of the "Microcomputer Products
Handbook" (perhaps the single most useful book for early QBUS stuff - anyone
who's working with that stuff should get one - they're not too hard to find
on eBait). The layout corresponds with the image of yours.


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