VCF Southeast Photos

Ethan O'Toole ethan at
Thu May 2 00:05:58 CDT 2019

> Last weekend I made an unannounced visit out to Roswell, GA to visit
> our brothers-and-sisters-in-hoarding at the Vintage Computer Festival
> Southeast.  They were hosted by the new location of the Computer
> Museum of America, not yet open to the public.  The show was a solid
> representation of the hobby, with a wide range of micros, minis and
> workstations as well as a few calculators and computing ephemera.  On
> the museum side, I've never seen so many Crays in once place - and
> they're not even done yet!

Wow! Now that is a museum -- holy crap. I've never seen so many Cray 
bits in one spot. Reminds me of a personal collection of a guy I chatted 
with some time ago.

Most impressive! And also, the Thinking Machines CM-2! Very few CM systems 
out there. It used to be on my list -- thank goodness I never got one 
after seeing the CM-5 at the NSA Cryptographic museum.

Very cool!

: Ethan O'Toole

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