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> > I would expect V1.x to feel distinctly clunky in comparison ... to V4.x and later.
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> > Still a fun exercise though I would think.
> I would think so.  I was an occasional VMS user at DEC, and I somehow got myself a spot on an OS Internals course for VMS 1.5.  I wasn't in or near VMS at the time, I don't remember how that came to be.  It was interesting to learn how to add a syscall to the OS.
> 9.3 names back then, I'm pretty sure.  File system still in an ACP (separate process)?  DECnet Phase II ???

I think those were still true for V3.X.  I know we had a problem back
then with our backups where someone elevated the priority of the Tape
ACP over the Disk ACP (because it was faster) that left us with months
of corrupt backups.


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