Fujitsi 2444AC 9-track tape drive/PDP-11

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Wed May 1 20:01:13 CDT 2019

I got a great pair of cables for this project.
50 conductor, 50 pin IDC, 10 feet long. 


Cost was $35 all in for the pair of 10' cables. Not bad considering 50 pin ribbon isn't cheap plus connectors plus time. 
73 Eugene W2HX

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> Now for some questions.
> 1.      I've been told the QT13 is a very good card to interface here. I've been looking for a while on ebay without luck. I do see a QT14 on ebay right now at a good price, but I am not familiar with the "S" card business and what that means for use in a PDP-11 backplane.
> 2.      Anyone have a QT13 for sale? Or based on my dec and unix interests, is there a better/recommended card?
> 3.      Anyone have the 50 pin cables/connectors available? If not I feel confident I could make these up. But I thought I'd ask in case someone has a set getting in their way

A Fujitsu M2444AC in new condition is a great tape drive if you want
to work with 9-track 1/2-inch tapes, and don't need 800BPI, and plan
to use it with a host with a Pertec interface, and have the space to
set it up and someone to help you move a 200 pound drive into place.
You have to manually thread the tape when you load it, but I actually
consider that a plus as it is one less thing to go wrong compared to
an auto loading tape drive.

I currently have a couple of them that I have used with Q-Bus systems.
I agree with the recommendation to use an Emulex QT13 interface. That
is what I have used in TMSCP mode to install 2.11BSD and RSTS/E 10.1
from tape on an 11/73 system. I also have one or more Dilog
DQ130/132/140/142 Pertec interfaces (I forget what the models are,
some don't have manuals on Bitsavers). Those aren't quite as friendly
to set up and use as the QT13.

I'd have to look and see how many QT13 cards I have. Probably more
than two for the two M2444AC drives I have. I just built cables
myself. I have a 3M Scotchflex 3640 press which makes it easy to press
the IDC connectors on to the cable. I bought a full 100-foot roll of
3M 1700/50 or 3365/50 cable for a reasonable price on eBay.

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