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> It's a CM-2.  The problem with most CM-2s - aside not working in 2019 - is most were never fully populated with card cages in all 8 hyper-cubes.  That particular machine only has card cages in 2 of the hyper-cubes.  The other 6 are empty.  I'm not sure a machine with max 64K processors was ever actually sold to a real customer.


> The CM-2 in the photo has faux LED panels installed with LEDs spacing that exactly matches the real CPU card stacks.  Each of the 4096 LEDs are individually PWM'd and addressable.  The blinky pattern is generated by a ESP32 which can also be WiFi and BT controlled.  Only pulls about 100 Watts with that pattern running.

I suppose in this day and age that’s all I need to see since the machine itself would be, as William says, fantastically useless. I was definitely swooned by the marketing shots back in the day though.

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