Intergraph 751 system free to good home, but act quickly

Eric Christopherson echristopherson at
Mon Jul 29 12:01:03 CDT 2019

There's an Intergraph 751 system (VAX architecture apparently, including
hard disk, printer, and two rebadged DEC racks full of who knows what) free
to a good home in southern Wisconsin. Appears to be in not-great shape.

Unfortunately, it's been on Craigslist for a while and it sounds like the
owner's really fed up with it and wants it gone ASAP or a realty company
will take possession of it (and who knows what they'll do with it). He
originally said last Saturday, but in an email to me yesterday afternoon he
said it would have to be gone by today (7/29).

Also unfortunately, there have been several people besides myself emailing
the owner trying to arrange a pickup, and he hasn't responded to them. I
personally have no way to move or store it, so I've been trying to relay
what I hear from him to the one person I thought was in the best position
to take it.

The owner gave me his personal email address and phone number, and told me
the name of the realty company in case anyone wants to get it after it's
out of his hands; but I don't think it would be cool to post those details
here. So please let me know personally if you'd like those details.

        Eric Christopherson

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