A few VT-320 and keyboard questions

Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Wed Jul 31 20:58:49 CDT 2019

On Wed, Jul 31, 2019, 8:33 PM Adam Thornton via cctech <
cctech at classiccmp.org> wrote:

> I just picked up a VT-320, with no keyboard.
> I have some questions:
> 1) the price on DEC keyboards, at least on eBay, is insane.  Does anyone
> have a VT-320 keyboard they’d be willing to let go cheaply?

Isn't it just a lk401? I bought one recently for $55.

2) …or, failing that, I found a posting of someone who’d done an
> Arduino-based key code mapper that let him use a PS/2 (or maybe it was an
> AT) keyboard as a replacement.  The link to the actual project was dead,
> though.  Anyone have schematic and source code for such a project?

Unless you are doing this in bulk, I suspect it would be more expensive...
there have been lk201 hack a day stuff, though. Iirc, all the software is
available, but when I went looking, the board layout stuff wasn't.

3) If anyone's got a DB-9-or-25-to-MMP cable you’d sell cheap, I’d be happy
> to buy it instead or making my own.  OK, that’s not really a question.
> There’s a blank insert where the 25-pin connector usually is; was that a
> “feature” of the B2 model?  (that’s a question but not much of one)

MMJ is a pita. But getting a normal RJ45 and removing the clip will let you
plug it in and get it working.


…aaaaand while I’m here, another question.
> 4) I have a number of Apple IIs and one III that have sustained some
> keyboard damage.  Where can I get/what is the name of the little
> plus-shaped keyboard stems for those?  If I had a couple dozen that would
> be most helpful.
> Adam

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