VCF West?

Evan Koblentz cctalk at
Wed Jul 31 01:52:39 CDT 2019

> Is there a reason why there has been no mention of VCF West?
> (other than Apple oneS)
> Isn't it scheduled for this coming weekend?
> I was planning to take a carload of stuff down for consignment, but my 
> health has been too bad to even load the car.

Because we're very busy planning a kick-ass event, and every time we 
post here on cctalk it falls into an endless stream off threadjacking? :)

VCF West 2019 is indeed this weekend, August 3-4, as always at the 
Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

This year's special attractions/speakers include:

- The aforementioned Apple 1 gathering. Before we said there will be "at 
least" 10 original systems. Now it's looking like 12-15. Woz can't make 
it this year, but Dan Kottke and other very early employees will be 
there, along with Corey Cohen who is the go-to evaluator/restorer for 
the major auction houses.

- A presentation about the Apollo Guidance Computer. Frank O'Brien (who 
literally wrote the book about AGC architecture/operation) and CHM 
restorer Carl Claunch will both be there.

- Everyone's favorite Commodore engineer, Bil Herd, will give a lecture 
about the affects of age and heat on computer components.

- What else? Enigma machines, more CHM restoration projects, three dozen 
amazing exhibits, our legendary VCF consignment sale, CHM museum tours, 
great food, and incredible company/friends!

- Super-big-thanks to our sponsor Hackaday, and also to CHM for hosting 
us, ACM for advertising our events on social media, and "viewers like 
you" (so to speak) without which Vintage Computer Federation would have 
no purpose. :)

- Tickets are available online and at the door.

- See all of the details at

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