Ill NLS MS-230

allison allisonportable at
Tue Jul 30 08:22:59 CDT 2019

On 7/29/19 10:30 PM, Jim Brain via cctalk wrote:
> On 7/29/2019 9:24 PM, allison via cctalk wrote:
>> Since you replaced the batteries did you check the fuse?
> Yep, good.

THe batteries are charged?  (about 6.6V or more full charge)

>> Also the 4066s
> Hmm, all mine are soldered in.  Do you suggest I desolder and check?
>> sometimes get cranky and/or the sockets.
> Only one '00 has a socket.

Check only socketed devices.  Do not desolder unless you have good
reason to believe the part is bad.

Hint check for 5-6V on the power pins of the ICs.

IF you have the manual, check for all the voltages.

>> The tough fail would be the CRT. Check the heater pins with a multimeter
>> to see if its open (unplug it as there is a transformer winding across
>> it).
> I'll check.

>> Mine needed one when I got it but they were available then (1977)
>> from NLS. Side effect of the hammer mechanic owner.  Now it would be a
>> hunt though old tube brokers.
> Yep, I know that'd be the main issue, but I am hopeful it's something
> less problematic.

The only problem with the CRT is finding a replacement.  THey may be
more common than thought.  Haven't checked in decades.


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