Resurrecting integrated circuits by cooking them.

Jeffrey S. Worley technoid6502 at
Thu Jul 25 14:08:41 CDT 2019

Does this mean that, like me scratching a bit at the package to expose
enough nub of broken-off pin to get a blob of solder on to hold a new
leg made of wire can theoretically be extended to shaving off the top
of the package to expose the IC and then tack soldering the severed
wire back onto it?

This would probably require some serious equipment I don't have, but
sounds possible in extremity.



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"Failure of the POKEY chip were likely bonding wire failures. Voltage
stress failures are not likely to self repair.
I would agree, the fix is likely temporary.
Many early chips used gold wire for bonding but later chips used
aluminum. Which is better is always a question. The pads on the die
were usually aluminum, while the package was often gold. These are
acoustically bonded.
One wonders if one put a capacitor on the lead with a non-lethal
voltage and used such a heating method, it might be able to arc weld
the wire back on. Using the method of heating might enhance the success
as well.

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