MicroPDP-11/23+ cabinet kit cables

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 25 12:09:17 CDT 2019

I'm putting together a MicroPDP-11/23 in a BA23 box.  Have the M8189 CPU 
quad width board and the bulkhead cabinet kit, with two DB25 connectors 
and switches to set the baud rate.  On bitsavers the 'MicroPDP11 system 
technical manual' shows how to set jumpers on the M8189 to allow this 
cabkit set the baud rate, but only briefly mentions the cables needed.

Does anyone here have a anatomically correct MicroPDP-11/23+ in a BA23 
box and can tell me how the cabling goes from the M8189 CPU board to the 
bulkhead cabinet kit?


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