Sgi crimson for sale

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Tue Jul 23 14:31:39 CDT 2019

Hello, Havent posted here for a while. I usually post about pdp11 and vax

I am big into sgi equipment, I have many deskside coputers and a full onyx
1000 rack. I have just about every machine in the sgi linup and I need to
clear out most of my big sgi stuff. I was big into the nekochan forums, but
sadly since that shut down, supoprt has been limited, and i want to get
this stuff to someone that can use it.

I have a sgi crimson for sale. Possible intermittent power supply issue.
Problem with the IO3 board prevents it from booting

I have an onyx2 for sale in full working order. Its my main machine, im
migrating work  to a Octane2.

I also have a loaded origin / onyx2 loaded with hardware, but i havent been
able to get it to post or get to the serial console. Good machine for parts
or to try and fix.

Many octane 2 machines, a couple are fully loaded with 8gb of memory, dual
processors, pci expansion box, etc.

Enough indys to make a jenga tower.

Indigo with keyboard

indigo 2 with matching keyboard.

Might be persuaded to sell the onyx 1000 rack, im not going to part it out,
and needs a forklift to be moved.

2 Sgi tezro's in working order. I picked them both up a year or two ago, i
used them in a headless serial console fassion, i was not able to get my
monitor to sysc with either of them. They both work aside from Battery/RTC

I am open to offers, Im not looking to just give them away. Im hoping to
recoup some of my money to move and pay for college.

Open to answer any questions about them

--Devin D.

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