Scanning question (Is destruction of old tech docs a moral crime?)

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Tue Jul 23 01:39:46 CDT 2019

It might be worth trying to talk to the IBM Museum at Hursley.


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> At 07:16 PM 22/07/2019 +0200, Mattis Lind wrote:
> >> BTW. I have three IBM 026 card punch machines as a future restoration
> >> project. But can I find a service manual? No. None online, only one
> >> for the later 028. And even if there was a PDF
> >Have you seen these:
> >
> 2_24-26_
> >Keypunches.pdf
> >
> 5_24-Bas
> >e_Machines_FEMM_Dec65.pdf
> >
> Last time I looked, in Sept 2018 I had previously found:
> 3_29_FE_Maint_Man_Nov70.pdf
> Bitsavers has a user manual:
> 2_24-26_Keypunches.pdf
> And a field manual:
> 5_24-Base_Machines_FEMM_Dec65.pdf
> But no schematics still.
> Your first URL is 404'd, though I already had that doc. Seems there's been
> tree structure re-org.
> Now there's these:
>      123-7091-3_24_25_Parts_Catalog_Apr1963.pdf
>      225-6535-5_24-Base_Machines_FEMM_Dec65.pdf
>      22-8319-
> 0_24_26_Customer_Engineering_Preliminary_Manual_of_Instruction_1950.
> pdf
>      229-3125_24-26_Operators_Guide.pdf
>      A24-0520-3_24_26_Card_Punch_Reference_Manual_Oct1965.pdf
> Downloaded.
> Looks like a good complete set, for mechanicals. Still no overall
> Maybe it didn't exist?
> Gosh it's a scary-complicated machine. I'm not looking forward to finding
> gotchas, like obscure parts buried deep in the guts that have perished
> bits, complex precision surface-hardened things that are just plain worn
> and unobtainium, etc.
> >> I expect it would be the usual terrible quality.
> Pleasant surprise! The image quality of all those PDFs is pretty good. But
> still a mix of 2-tone and JPG encoding, with all their various artifacts.
> Fortunately at high enough res to preserve all information. High enough
> to (mostly) preserve the ink screening dots in images.
> I'd still like to find original paper copies, both as a historical set
with the
> machines, and to scan-encode-wrap 'my way' for better looking digital
> versions.
> >> Ditto for a service/schematics manual for the Documation TM200 punch
> card reader. No copy can be found.
> >Do you expect the TM200 to be substantially different from the M200? My
> guess is that they are quite similar.
> > Gone down the route of reverese engineering the differences?
> The TM200 has extra circuitry (more cards, wiring) than the M200, since it
> reads optical mark-sense cards.
> Which means if ultimately I'm forced to reverse engineer the diferences,
> going to be a lot of work.
> There's no rush and plenty of other projects. I'd rather just wait more to
> if a correct manual turns up.
> Not to mention that I'd like to find that manual in order to scan it.
> Guy

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