Scanning question (Is destruction of old tech docs a moral crime?)

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Mon Jul 22 12:16:53 CDT 2019

> >> BTW. I have three IBM 026 card punch machines as a future restoration
> project. But can I find
> >> a service manual? No. None online, only one for the later 028. And even
> if there was a PDF

Have you seen these:

> >> I expect it would be the usual terrible quality.
> >> Does anyone have a physical copy they would sell? Or as my last resort,
> loan?
> >>
> >> Ditto for a service/schematics manual for the Documation TM200 punch
> card reader. No copy can be found.

Do you expect the TM200 to be substantially different from the M200? My
guess is that they are quite similar. Gone down the route of reverese
engineering the differences?

> Guy


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