Scanning question (Is destruction of old tech docs a moral crime?)

Warner Losh imp at
Mon Jul 22 07:53:10 CDT 2019

On Mon, Jul 22, 2019, 1:28 AM Christian Corti via cctalk <
cctalk at> wrote:

> On Sun, 21 Jul 2019, Warner Losh wrote:
> > I just scanned my Rainbow 100 User's Manual at 300, 600 and 1200dpi using
> > the scansnap default settings. You see a jump between 300 and 600, but
> > little difference going on up to 1200 for this material. I posted the
> That tells me that you need to scan at least at 600 dpi since there are
> details that would be lost at 300 bpi.

Pixels would be lost, sure, but not enough to make any of the drawings
unreadable... The 1200 dpi scans I can zoom in on the letters better, but
all three preserve things well enough that no actual technical details are



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