Scanning Results

Christian Corti cc at
Mon Jul 22 02:23:42 CDT 2019

On Sun, 21 Jul 2019, Guy Dunphy wrote:
>    bitkeepers is something else.
> The site's contact email is right down the bottom of the front page. Visual, to stop spambots.
> Also Al posts here in cctalk.

Speaking of this, I suggest to rethink the method of submitting scans to 
bitsavers. I did successfully transfer stuff there in the past, but my 
last attempts (putting the scans available for downloading, naming them 
in bitsavers-type file name syntax and writing an email to aek) resulted 
in nothing. No answer, no uploads to bitsavers, nothing. I did that a 
couple of times in different intervals, each attempt was futile.
I highly appreciate and support bitsavers, I just can't contribute 
anything. For example, I would think that scans of original HP 98x0 
desktop calculator blueprints would be something of interest.
So for the moment, I have to keep all my scans local (but accessible).


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