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Great to know  Tony!  Yea  the battery  is  dead indeed!  Will the  wallwart power it  even though the battery  is  dead?  Wish  I  could  remember  where I  put the wall warts... missing are the one  for  a  16 line  portable,  a  disc drive and the  thinkjet printer.

Oddly enough the HP 75 we have is missing its  wall wart too!  HP 75  also  uses  the  HIL i/o interface.  will it  know  how to red the  disc  drive?  I  am  missing HP 75  data and catalogs....  Ed#
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> thanks  for pointing this  handy  manual out  just got one of these in alas  with out the wall wart  to  charge it... and  the  16 line  screen  version has is  in a  display but its wall ward is  stored  .... somewhere....anyone  have a  box of these and  wants  to share  let me know.  thanks Ed#
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The 16 line display version is the original HP Portable (HP110), not
the PortablePlus.

They both use the same AC adapter/charger which gives 8V AC. It's the
same unit used
with the Topcat calculators (HP91, HP92, HP95C, HP97, HP97S) and most
of the HPIL
peripherals. There were various versions with different input voltages
and mains plug
connectors but it shouldn't be hard to find one.

The Portable and PortablePlus have an internal lead-acid battery.
Originally 3 Cyclon
cells (2.5Ah) in series, later a Panasonic (IIRC) block. The Cyclon
cells are not
difficult to get new, so I normally wire 3 of those up, using the
terminal plate from
the original battery pack.


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