Scanning question (Is destruction of old tech docs a moral crime?)

Jon Elson elson at
Sun Jul 21 11:16:54 CDT 2019

On 07/21/2019 05:16 AM, Joseph S. Barrera III via cctalk wrote:
> What dpi qualifies as not "crappy"? 300dpi? 400? 600?
Most of the text of these documents don't need super high 
resolution.  But, some contain hand-drawn schematics where 
an 11 x 17 original has been shrunk to 8.5 x 11" and 
hand-written signal labels and part types are VERY small.  
These need to be scanned at high resolution, with several 
retries while adjusting the image threshold to make things 
If they just scan the whole document at a reasonable 
resolution for text, the schematic will be very much harder 
to read.


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